Free Consultation

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Registered users of RHS are urged to call the RHS Human Resources specialists listed below with any questions on the products, and especially the reports.

We will be pleased to help you interpret any parts of the reports. We WON'T tell you to hire (or not). But we will use their experience in seeing the reports on a constant basis to help you understand the results better. (We'll have you e-mail them the particular reports on which you ask for advice...).

We are also proud to announce that Don Phin, Esq., will offer complimentary consultation on legalities in human resources to registered Hiring System users. Don is perhaps the most well-known Human Resources expert in the insurance industry (President of HRThatWorks, the number one industry HR site).

Human Resource Specialist

Sue Nordhaus

Don Phin, Esq.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback at (505) 603-5503