Hiring Essentials

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A complete and effective hiring effort comprises these three vital stages. These stages can be thought of as a "The Hiring Triangle". If any of the three sides of the triangle – hiring activities in these stages –are not done properly, the triangle will collapse.

  1. The Résumé
    • Read résumés carefully and with a grain of salt.
    • Check the references of final candidates; this is no longer an option.
  2. The Interview
    • Trust your instincts and use the initial interview as an opportunity to weed out candidates who will never become your employees.
    • Have others interview promising candidates.
    • Use prepared and spontaneous questions.
  3. The Assessment
    • Assessing behavioral traits improves hiring succes s by 38%.
    • When both thinking abilities and behavioral traits are assessed, the right people are hired 54% of the time.
    • When an assessment of occupational interests is added, successful results are achieved 66% of the time.
    • When job-specific skills are known, the person can "hit the ground running."
    • When skills deficits are identified, hiring and promotion decisions can include a training and education component.
    • When all of these areas are integrated into a Job Match Pattern, the hiring success rate is better than 75%! RHS offers it all.

Job Match outranks all other factors

A well-documented study, published in Harvard Business Review, concludes that "Job Match" is by far the most reliable predictor of effectiveness on the job.

The study considered many factors including the age, sex, race, education and experience of approximately 300,000 subjects.

It evaluated their job performance and found no significant statistical differences, except in the area of "Job Match." The conclusion: "It's not experience that counts or college degrees or other accepted factors; success hinges on a fit with the job."

The only reliable method for evaluating "Job Match" is with a properly-designed assessment instrument. It needs to be capable of measuring the essential job-related characteristics particular to each specific job. That’s the need addressed by the ProfileXT assessment, as a key tool of RHS.

Skills and experience assessment

Any candidate who is being considered for a position in your organization should be able to demonstrate the level of experience with insurance that they have portrayed on their résumé. It is also important to assess whether they have sufficient knowledge and understanding of aspects such as E&O Safety, Best Practices and Agency Management System use that are key to the success of their employment and the organization as a whole.

A hiring manager needs to be able to assess quickly and objectively the skills and experience of a candidate -- whether a candidate from the outside or for promotion from within your company. VMBhits.com addresses this need by providing the ability to test insurance knowledge and the skills necessary to perform in a modern insurance environment.

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