The Assessment

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The Assessment stage of the hiring process is reserved for outside candidates who have made it through the first two stages, as well as evaluates existing employees.

RHS delivers tools that make these assessments quick and efficient, delivering objective, comparative metrics to help you select the best person for the job. Alternatively, when you are looking for the best job for a given individual, the assessment tools available here help match the person to the job.

What is RHS?

George Nordhaus, an insurance executive for over 45 years, is the founder and Chair of Insurance Marketing and Management Services (IMMS) and Group 500.

In 1992, Mr. Nordhaus and his wife Sue, a psychologist, were introduced to a rapidly expanding human resources assessment firm, Profiles International, Waco, Texas.

Recognizing the need for more productive hiring procedures for agents and brokers to use (most of which did not have full-time Human Resources staff), the Nordhauses investigated the Profiles system to see if it might fit into the insurance agency distribution force.

Over the following years, under the guidance of the professional staff at Profiles International, the RHS assessment system evolved to where it now provides assessments for EVERY agency job function.

RHS assessments have been and are being used by hundreds of agencies across the U.S and Canada. The assessments are constantly monitored to fit the emerging needs of the changing agency/brokerage system.

RHS staff also works with agency managers/owners and Human Resource staff to modify the assessments for individual agency needs.

How RHS works:


The ProfileXT is an all-purpose assessment that measures Thinking Style and Reasoning (verbal and mathematical aptitudes), Occupational Interests (what motivates the applicant), and Behavioral Traits (personality dimensions).

The ProfileXT is easy to use. All you need is a computer with Internet access; no timing or proctoring is required. You receive the results immediately by email once the test is completed.


The Insurance Skills and Knowledge assessments offered by provide an easy, objective measure of how well a job candidate knows various aspects of the insurance business and where they might need additional training or continuing education efforts.

The exams are organized by subject or coverage line and cover everything from Auto to Worker's Comp (and all lines in-between!) and E&O Safety/Best Practices to Agency System Use and Management. You can administer only those exams that are needed for the position of an incumbent or candidate-for-hire. An option is even available to include custom questions on the tests if there are specific issues you would like to be sure everyone in your organization understands and can answer questions quickly and accurately.

Job Match

Job Match makes the difference. Studies have shown that Job Match is a more accurate predictor of job success than any of the commonly accepted factors, such as education, experience, or training.

When you match people with their jobs, you gain productivity and job-satisfaction as you diminish stress, conflict, miscommunication, and costly employee turnover. RHS allows you to create Job Match Patterns that are customized by company, department, manager, specialized position, or any combination of these factors.

When Job Match is combined with knowledge and operational skill, hiring, promotional and staff success is more likely. RHS and VMBhits combined is indeed β€œThe Total Candidate Decision System."


About Testing

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a test must be unbiased and fair to all groups. A test must also be:

  • Reliable – determined by extensive study to be accurate and consistent;
  • Demonstrated valid – measure what it is intended to measure (over 7,000,000 have taken the Profiles test); and
  • Job-Related – matches applicant to a specific position.

The RAIS Hiring System meets all DOL criteria.

VMBhits adds evaluation of technical insurance and operational skills. The right person with the right skills = a great combination.

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