Frequently Asked Questions

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Should we show test results to the candidate?

It is usually NOT a good idea to do so ... especially on candidates you DON’T hire. But you might want to use the test results to help you and the candidate you're hiring to jointly plan on how he/she can be more effective.

Is it a good idea to share test results with current staff members, especially if they will be interviewing the candidates?

The answer to this often-asked question depends on your hiring system techniques.

Many agencies insist that the candidate be interviewed by each person who will be working with (or for) them. It might help in their interview if they have an idea of how the candidate rates.

It will definitely help for each person in your organization to understand how the various aspects of the RAIS Hiring System work.

Should we keep the test results?

You should definitely place the results either in the employee’s personnel file, or together with other employees’ results in an RAIS Hiring System file.

The results will be helpful at the three or six months intervals in checking employee progress…even in annual reviews. Referring to these tests, comparing them to others, can help you build a better on-going picture of the employee attributes and attitudes you want for your organization.

Should we test our current employees?

Because you know the performance results of your current employees, you might test them in order to compare potential new hires.

You might even use these comparisons to "tweak" the individual job PI test for your particular needs.

How can we get help on our hiring techniques with a Human Resource Professional at RHS?
Call the contact person on "contact us".

What is an Additional Administrator?

RHS has the ability to allow multiple test administrators to work from the same account.  This makes it convenient for a customer that requires several staff or managers to be able to select, schedule and manage tests on the site while having a single person, the Primary Administrator, responsible for establishing the account and monitoring of the service charges, credit balance and tests being administered by others.

Additional Administrators have their own email addresses that are used for logging in and receiving test results and assignments.  Additional Administrators are not permitted to access account information but are otherwise unrestricted in the administering of tests.  They can view Test Status and History reports on the Customer Service menu and will be shown records of only the tests they have administered.

The Primary Administrator can permit Additional Administators to make additional charges to the Account's credit card on a case by case basis.  The Primary Administrator can also choose to receive copies of the tests being assigned and the test results for a given Addional Administrator. Permission granted to the Additional Adminstrator can be easily removed at any time.

How do I administer a test?

Browse tests by Categories on the menu above or click on Tests in the Browse by Category box to the left. Click on the test you would like and fill out the name and email address of the test taker. The test is then placed in the Exam Folder; the tests will be created and test takers will be notified when you complete the order.

Can I designate others in my company to administer tests?

Yes, by setting up Additional Administrators.

How is the security of the test guaranteed? What if my job candidate has already taken the test before?

Each VMBhits test is actually a series of exams with different questions in random order. The odds are high that a repeat test taker will be assigned a different version of the test when he or she takes the test for a second or third time. In general, the person being tested has to know the subject in order to answer the questions correctly.

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